I am Taking a Leap of Faith.

I need to do that as a writer.

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Today, I am finishing all the stories that I have been sitting on and submitting them to major publications. Most probably, I will get rejected, but I do not think that warrantees not trying.

By major publications I do not mean big publications on medium, I mean huge literary magazines, like the New Yorker and the Paris Review. I believe I can do it.

What stories?

I have three stories, two of which I will not disclose the plot of, but the third one, I am really proud of that idea. It is a four-part short story with each part representing a different theme and part of life. They are conversations that reinforce the theme and then the music further consolidates it into a complete story. I am curious to see how that performs.

Why I need to do that.

I need to do this early on in my career because there is competition everywhere and if I never give out what I build, I will get severely disadvantaged, which I already am, being a non-native speaker. I cannot risk it any further. If I want to be a writer, I might as well write better.

Am I really doing only that and writing a whole post about it? No. I have been thinking of starting a newsletter for a while now and felt that not many people will come anyway, so why not try it out? Yeah, that is a long way of saying subscribe to my newsletter to get monthly updates on literature, philosophy and writing. It will ship on the 19th of every month. Happy reading and writing!

A small post today because of the work that I mentioned previously. Sorry if this disappointed you, but it is what it is. You can read this in the meantime.

That’s it then!



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M.A. Mercier

M.A. Mercier


I am MA Mercier. I am interested in anything and everything! I am here to write about things that amaze me, things I am curious about.