Side-Stories tell us much more about the author than the main story-line.

We have all heard that a story is the mirror of the author’s thoughts. But, there’s one problem. One person, especially an artist, and writing is an art, can depict multiple emotions through a piece. That is the magic of art. But, in my opinion, the subplot reveals a lot more about the author.

So, what is a subplot ? They are the witty tales that lie in the middle of the bigger plot. Not necessary, but important nonetheless. The subplot that does not bore you and instead consumes you into the book is the side plot that really is good. Well, that’s common knowledge. But, I think there’s more to it.

The straight track being the main plot, the diversions being the subplot.

As I alluded to earlier, an artist can mold his/her thoughts into any type of story. But, a subplot reveals their true nature. Why ? Let’s look at an example. For establishing, in a story/novel, that the character X has a character trait, let’s take selfishness for this example, the author could do that via many ways. He/she could demonstrate a love interest, a thievery or even a murder. Of course, that also depends on things like the degree of selfishness he wants to show, but I would say the most important aspect is the author.

In a love interest, X could take advantage of X’s significant other, well and thievery is self explanatory. X could murder a family member to claim the money and it could be as small as something like tipping less money at a restaurant.

I would say that an author who used a murder just to demonstrate X is selfish is not a very light person. Probably very cold when with strangers. At the same time, who uses a tipping incident and adds a bit of humor is likely to be a light-hearted person. I hope that makes sense.

Maybe a light-hearted author could use a murder to show the same thing, but, generally, as far as I have observed, the author’s subplots reveal a lot about his/her personality.

Thank You for reading !



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M.A. Mercier

M.A. Mercier


I am MA Mercier. I am interested in anything and everything! I am here to write about things that amaze me, things I am curious about.